Water Solutions and Infrastructure

GlobeLTR, through its Water Solutions and Infrastructure segment operated by its subsidiary, Globe, is a leading provider of comprehensive water solutions.  GlobeLTR’s water solutions offerings include:

Fluid Service Transport
GlobeLTR owns and operates more than 600 fluid service trucks that provide its customers with safe and reliable water transport services. All equipment is rigorously maintained, including its rental tanks, to ensure top performance. GlobeLTR also continually invests in new equipment to expand its fleet so its customers have access to the trucks and tanks needed to keep projects moving forward.

Fluid Disposal and Sales Facilities
GlobeLTR offers safe and efficient integrated water management solutions at 25 water infrastructure facilities including SWDs, brine stations and freshwater facilities. GlobeLTR has one of the largest networks of SWD wells in the Permian Basin, with multiple facilities strategically located in convenient areas near major roadways. The GlobeLTR facilities are designed to meet the highest safety and environmental standards and are equipped with automation software to help minimize downtime and streamline billing processes.

Fluid Gathering
GlobeLTR offers efficient water takeaway solutions through a growing network of gathering pipelines, with several of its SWD facilities receiving produced water directly from producing wells. The GlobeLTR high-grade pipelines are rigorously monitored for pipeline integrity. We also have the expertise to design, build and operate pipelines, regardless of the disposal endpoint.

GlobeLTR believes it has the most extensive network of fluid logistics assets and infrastructure in the Permian Basin, with many of its locations in close proximity to its customers’ current and anticipated future activity.  GlobeLTR’s water infrastructure network in the Permian Basin includes 11 active saltwater disposal (SWD) wells, over 25 miles of associated produced water gathering pipelines, 9 freshwater facilities, 2 brine stations and a large base of logistics assets.  GlobeLTR has one of the largest networks of SWD wells in the Permian Basin and also owns 10 active SWDs and related assets outside the Permian Basin.

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