Natural Gas Generators

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LTR Natural Gas Generators provide reliable portable power across a broad range of applications in areas where pole power is not yet available.  Natural Gas Generators use produced well head gas, flare gas or liquid propane as its fuel source eliminating road impact and the expense of trucking and storing diesel fuel for a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly power generation option.

LTR has been a leader in Natural Gas Generator development and has invested in the product line to provide one of the most reliable fleets of Natural Gas Generators in the industrial rental industry.

LTR Natural Gas Genset experts work with the client to ensure the right unit, or units are sized for the particular application.  Each piece of LTR equipment goes through a multi-point inspection process before and after every job to ensure optimal performance.  All LTR power generation equipment is remotely monitored 24/7 via the LTR asset management software for proactive equipment maintenance and real-time alerts to reduce response and downtime.  LTR always provides mobilization, maintenance and support of our equipment with our own trained staff.

In addition to our rental fleet of portable generators, we offer contracted generation solutions. Contracted generation solutions are power generation systems that are installed at the site of end-use, such as a fractionation facility or gas processing plant. These systems leverage our expertise in power generation and create beneficial redundancies to provide a reliable standby power source to our customers. These projects are typically larger in size and supported by long-term contracts.

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