Power Generation

LTR has the capability to provide reliable portable power generation for well sites, construction sites, and for other industrial applications.

Natural Gas Generators: LTR has become a leader in the Natural Gas Generator market.  We own and maintain over 700 Natural Gas Generators.  Natural Gas Generators use well head gas that would typically be flared off, reducing the environmental impact.  Natural Gas generators reduce costs by reducing the need to transport fuel and eliminating on-site fuel storage.

Natural Gas Generator
For more information about our natural gas generators, see the Natural Gas Generator Specs here.



Diesel Generators: We rent our over 1,600 diesel generators to our customers to power their oil and gas operations.  LTR diesel generators are trailer mounted for portability and provide 3-phase 240/480v output and generally range in size from 25 kVA to 600 kVA.  Our diesel Generators are sound attenuated for quiet operation and have extended run-time fuel tanks.

diesel generatorAvailability:


Air Compressors: LTR offers diesel powered air compressors with working pressures of 100 psi.  Air compressors can be used to supply air to rigs during operation, back-up air compressor, and run cleaning pig through pipe to remove fluid.



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