Performance Monitoring



The LTR asset management system, accurately tracks performance and asset location in real-time.  Our system communicates directly with the asset providing vital performance alerts to intercede issues before they occur.  The system can be accessed anywhere, anytime using a desktop or laptop computer or any smart device. The system sends alerts and alarms to users so equipment can be serviced or replaced eliminating downtime.  Our system also locates the field technician that is closest to the equipment needing service, so equipment can be serviced or replaced quickly.

The real-time reporting features gives customers access to information needed for permitting, engine hour reports, emissions reports and equipment operation and performance reports.

  • 24/7 monitoring of alerts and alarm notifications
  • Automatic default to satellite in the event cell coverage is not available, so no black-out areas
  • Remote monitoring of vital equipment measurements, such as gas pressure and current data
  • Automated, real-time reports
  • Easily accessed via computer and smart device
  • Cloud-based maintenance tracking system for maintenance reporting

Central Repair Facility

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