LTR is continually upgrading and expanding its portfolio of products and related infrastructure.  The quality of LTR products starts with the extensive research on each product, followed by function testing before final selection.  LTR then develops and in-depth preventative maintenance process for each piece of equipment.

Power Generation

LTR has become a leader in the Natural Gas Generator market. Natural Gas Generators use well head gas that would typically be flared off, reducing the environmental impact. Natural Gas generators reduce costs by reducing the need to transport fuel and eliminating on-site fuel storage.

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Fluid Handling

LTR offers a variety of solutions for fluid handling applications.   We offer a variety of tanks, pumps and vacuums to store or dispose of fluids at the well site.  We have equipment to suit any operating environment, application or field condition.

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Light Towers

LTR offers a variety of different light towers to meet your needs. We offer Directional Light Towers, Fuel Capacity/Unit Sizes and Balloon Light Towers.

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LTR provides accommodations for a variety of purposes: Housing Trailers, Office Trailers and Meeting Trailers.

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Cleaning Equipment

Pressure Washers: Helps to clean and maintain the rig and equipment on location

Shaker Washers: Helps clean and maintain shale shakers on drilling rig

Trash Trailer: Used on locations to hold regular household trash

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LTR trucking services can move heavy equipment to, and from a job site.   Our experience truck drivers are capable of moving frac tanks, mud tanks, acid tanks, flowback tanks, open top pits, workover rigs, and drill pipe.

LTR trucking services are on-call 24/7 to moving any heavy equipment regardless of whether we own it or not.

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Maintenance Programs

To assist our customers in keeping in compliance with EPA regulations, LTR has a robust Computerized Maintenance System (CMMS).

The LTR CMMS provides electronic records for each engine powered asset LTR deploys.  Customers can obtain asset locations in relation to active rigs or well sites, and engine operating data and parameters and shut down alerts from a mobile location.

The computerized system alerts branch managers when engine maintenance is due through daily engine hour updates, ensuring all LTR engine operated equipment is operating at optimal performance levels.

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Safety Equipment

Cooling Trailer: Provides cool, shaded area for crew members to take breaks and have meetings

Emergency Shower/Eyewash: ANSI Z358.1-2009-compliant shower performance (20 gallons/ minute for 15 minutes with 30 PSI at tepid temperature)

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