repair and maintenance

GlobeLTR knows that equipment performance and reliability are the foundation to our success.  We take a proactive approach to servicing our equipment to eliminate downtime and ensure ultimate reliability.  All of our equipment are attached to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) that outlines in-depth procedures for setting up, operating, servicing and maintaining equipment.  All of our technicians and field personnel have access to LTR SOP’s through a mobile app that can be accessed anywhere, at anytime.  All motor-driven equipment is equipped with the remote monitoring system that enables GlobeLTR and its customers to monitor equipment performance and proactively plan maintenance.

Because performance and reliability is so important, we have dedicated a central location, the Central Repair Facility (CRF), located in Cleburne, Texas to repair our motor driven equipment by expert technicians.  Our CRF technicians are EGSA (Electrical Generator Systems Technician) certified.  Through rigorous testing, the certification ensures that technicians who not only have a broad knowledge of electricity, mechanical and electrical components and the interaction between them, but are proficient in the installation, service, maintenance and repair of on-site power generation equipment.

This means that our customers have the assurance that our technicians at the CRF are qualified to make sure our equipment is in the optimal operating condition.  Our CRF technicians are proactively developing enhancements to our equipment for optimal efficiency and reliability.

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