Light Tower Rentals is Proud to Offer Equipment Rentals in Pennsylvania

100 Imperial Industrial Park Dr.
Oakdale, PA 15071


Management: Ryan Brown, Branch Manager

LTR has been equipping the energy markets with high-quality rental equipment for over two decades. Since our humble beginnings in 1994, we have expanded to 14 locations across the country and doubled in size. We are proud to offer equipment rentals in Pennsylvania. Our focus is satisfying our customers with solutions that exceed expectations.

At LTR, we want to develop strong relationships with our customers. That’s why we conduct ourselves with integrity and honesty throughout everything we do. If you need affordable ancillary equipment, we’ve got everything you need.

Our Equipment

Construction sites and energy plants require equipment that is durable and functional. We are constantly upgrading our products and expanding our infrastructure to include the strongest and highest performing products available. All of our ancillary equipment undergoes rigorous function tests. LTR provides:

  • Light Towers
  • Diesel and Natural Gas Generators
  • Flameless and Indirect Flame Heaters
  • Fluid Containment

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Our robust maintenance program makes sure that all engine-powered assets comply with regulations from the EPA. Our equipment is thoroughly researched, tested, and maintained. That’s why you can depend on us.

Driven By Values

We believe that running a business is more than just providing a product and making a profit. In order to be successful and have a good reputation, you need to have a culture built on core values. Our business is rooted in integrity, teamwork, accountability, customer service, and safety. This is what makes us stand apart. These core values drive us to go above and beyond the norm, so that when we speak about our values, it’s not just lip service. Our values are a core part of our business practice, and you can see it in how we work with our customers.

Get Started

Getting high-quality surface equipment rentals in Oakdale, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas at an affordable rate is possible! Just call 724-668-2391 or fill out our convenient request form to begin the process of getting the equipment necessary to complete your work.


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