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LTR provides several reliable and cost-effective options for fluid containment applications.

Frac Tanks

LTR liquid storage tanks are meticulously constructed for durability.  We have tanks to meet specific customer requirements while meeting DOT and OSHA safety standards.

Acid Tanks

Acid tanks are used during the hydraulic fracturing process if corrosive fluids are needed.  Each tank is specially lined to withstand these corrosive fluids.


Catch Tanks

The heavy duty fabrication of 3-Sided Catch Tanks holds up to mud, rocks, debris and sludge tailings.  The tanks are designed to stand up to harsh elements and conditions when capturing drill site cuttings.

Available in sizes:

  • 10’W x 40’L x 4’H
  • 10”W x 40’L x 8”H

Half-pits & Open-top Tanks

Typical placement of tanks is under the shakers on the back side of rig.  These tanks are used to catch cuttings and fluids or other by-products of the drilling process.

Half Pit: 240 bbl open top, skid mounted tank

Small Open Top: 116 bbl


Mobile Ponds

Mobile Ponds offer a 30% smaller site footprint, easier mobilization and de-mobilization, saving time and manpower compared to setting up mobile frac tanks, so mobile fluid storage are up and operating quickly.  Additional savings are realized with less permitting, less road impact, heating in only the most extreme temperatures and potential fines associated with leaking connections.   Mobile Ponds don’t eliminate the need for mobile frac tanks, but can significantly reduce the number of tanks needed on site.

Mobile Pond specs


  • Air operated
  • Clamps around drill pipe when making a connection
  • Captures and reuses drilling fluids
  • Creates safer environment on the rig floor – no fluid is dumped on the floor creating a slip hazard
  • Saves operational cost and time

When joints are separated, drilling fluid goes into the Mud Bucket and flows through connected hoses back into the pits or tanks.

Pre-Mix Mud Tanks

he LTR Mud Pre-mix Tank has the ability to add dry and liquid additives through a 6” mud mixing hopper, allowing the additives to continue through three 10-HP agitators, each with a 38” impeller.  The unit also has the ability to recirculate the blended product via an MCM 8 x 6 x 14 centrifugal pump.  The pumping system also allows transfer of the finished product from the pre-mix tank to production.  As a value-added option, the pre-mix tank includes a redundant pump system to ensure continuous operation or fluid transfer in case of pump or motor failure.


Mud Tanks

The 6” mixing line allows the customer to roll/ mix mud in the tank more efficiently than other tanks.  Our 6×8 pumps are set up to connect to the manifolds on mud tanks and roll the mud within.

  • 500-bbl capacity
  • Round Bottom or V-bottom
  • 6” (mixing) line with five or more 2” jet/mixing/stirring nozzles run to the bottom of the tank
  • Stair and walkway assembly with folding hand rails
  • 8” external manifold with 8” hammer unions and three to four 4” threaded connections
  • 6” external manifold with 6” hammer unions and three to four threaded connections
  • One 4” rear drain with butterfly valve and remote handle
  • Two 22” manways (hatches) – one front and one side
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