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LTR is a leader in the Natural Gas Generator market. NG Gens use well head gas to power the well site.

Cost-effective Alternative to Diesel Generators or Utility Power

LTR has become a leader in the Natural Gas Generator market.  Using Natural Gas Generators reduces the need to flare well head gas by using
it to power the well site.

  • Runs off of LP, well-head gas (field gas) or pipeline gas
  • Significant savings on fuel when compared to diesel powered generators
  • Less road impact because no refueling is required
  • Cleaner emissions than other fossil fuels

Natural Gas Generator Specifications

Let LTR lower your operating costs by burning flare gas, produced well head gas or LP to generate any well site power needs. From drilling, to completions, to production, we can produce 30 kVA to 400 kVA with a single generator and up to 6,400 kVA+ by paralleling our generators together, using the gas available on site, reducing operating costs.  In most cases, this gas needs little or no treatment prior to use as fuel in our generators, but our NG Gens are equipped with scrubbing units to filter the gas when needed.  With our 24 hour, 7 days a week highly trained staff, service and up time are our #1 goals.  Please feel free to contact our natural gas experts with any questions you may have at power@ltr.com.

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