LTR Values


Employees are introduced to LTR core values from the onset of employment.  Our values help our clients and communities recognize who we are as a company and clarify the identity of LTR.  We hold safety, integrity, customer service, teamwork and accountability as the framework for how we do business.

Safety – Doing the job right means doing the job safely.  Safety is our top priority, and is our focus.

Integrity – Honesty, respect for others, trustworthiness in all that we do.  Ethical behavior in all our interactions with customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Customer Service – Listen to, and strive to exceed our customer commitments.  Achieve premier customer service.  Appreciate their business and treat them as partners.

Teamwork – Together we are stronger than working alone.  We embrace cooperation and collaboration.  Teamwork makes the dream work.

Accountability – Taking personal responsibility for our commitments, actions, and results.  If we see it, we own it.

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